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Nice clean product shots or beautifully lit portraits do not have to involve thousands of dollars of equipment or a large studio. You can shoot them at home quickly, easily, and inexpensively if you know-how. The secret is to use something photographers have known about since the first camera was made. It’s called “north light”. And this is a great

Branded Video Content is a relatively new term that you hear tossed around a lot. It refers to internet content that is a combination of both entertainment and advertising. Basically, it’s an ad that people want to watch. Understanding the Internet in Case of the Branded Video A lot of companies get excited over the idea of the branded video

There is a lot of competition to deal with if you are in the digital photography business. It’s a dynamic field to be in and a whole lot of other people are as excited as you are to be involved in the digital world of images. Essential Equipment for Your Photography Business So you’ve got a new digital camera for

Making video, be it a hobby or video business, can be truly satisfying. You have the ability with your video productions to make an audience laugh or cry, be amazed or simply be educated on a specific topic.You’ve probably invested a substantial amount of time and earnings from your day job to purchase all the resources that make-up your video

filming process in video production at the beach

Yang Happy couple is smiling at their wedding day while making a wedding video clip

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