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Intended Purposes in Commercial Video for Your Business

Intended Purposes in Commercial Video for Your Business

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At ArtClip, we love to craft, create, produce and release high-quality commercial video that promote business’ brand: their products, their services, and who they are as an organization. We love to tell stories and encourage viewers to take action. However, before we can do the work to produce a video for a business or organization, we must work together as a team to define the video’s intended purpose.

Here are just a few intended purposes:


Maybe you have a brand new product that you have developed. You want to announce this product and encourage people to purchase that product.


You might also want to communicate who you are – your values, your images, your staff, or the distinct qualities of your business – through a video.

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You can use video to inform viewers about your industry and what they should be looking for when they hire or purchase an industry-related item/service/etc.


Using video to tell success stories is a proven method for helping viewers remember what they just watched. When we hear and see stories, we are best able to remember details we would not necessarily be able to if given to us in a different form.

What is your purpose in producing a video? 

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Understanding how you want to communicate means defining your purpose. Otherwise, you will produce a plain vanilla video no one will be interested in watching. If, however, your commercial video contains interesting visual elements as well as a laid-out storyline, it will accomplish what you’d like it to accomplish. 

The benefits of defining your video’s purpose include:


If you define your motivation and subsequently create a high-quality video, viewers will finish watching the video. This, in and of itself, is an accomplishment.


Once viewers have watched your video, you want them to remember it. People tend to remember compelling and/or humorous stories.


You want your business’ investment in a video to incite viewers to some sort of action. If you create a quality video, they will take the action you tell them to take.

Creating videos to promote your brand involves defining your purpose before creating a story, producing a video, and getting it out to viewers via several media platforms.

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