If you’re thinking of creating commercial video or photo content for social media marketing platforms, be sure to do it rightly. 

What we should know about a new messenger in one lenders of the  social media marketing platforms? After the successful launch of the new tool Reels which has a broad noticeable similitude to TikTok, Facebook recently announced some interesting new feature.

Instagram direct messengers and Facebook Messenger will be integrated into a new Messenger.

The massaging idea has come to a whole evolution and now people are sanding hundreds of billion messages every day (which has definitely been increased during the COVID-19 pandemic). For sure, this method of effective communication is one of the most efficient ways to quickly reach our friends and family. More importantly, the best of the best feature is a commercial video chat which certainly can help to communicate much easier and more efficient. 

The main idea behind this update is simple: convenience.

Instagram seas:

In our study, four out of five individuals who use messaging app in the US that spending additional time connecting with family and friends on these apps is essential in their mind, but one out of three people sometimes find it hard to remember where to discover a particular conversation thread. With this update, it’ll be even better to stay linked without considering which application to use to achieve your friends and relations.

Also, they are going to add some extra features, like selfie stickers, emojis, reacts, etc.

Is the new messenger really for good?

According to TNW, this intermix of the messengers will extend to features rolled out while the COVID-19, like the “Watch Together” tool for Messenger. According to the title suggestion, it’s allowing active users watch video clips together instantly. Now, both customers from Instagram and Facebook will be able to use it, no matter which app they are on.

Would it be good for taking advantage from social media marketing platforms? We will see soon. So far we could only guess. In my point of view, it should help with promoting businesses in social media as well as in communicating with your clients from one palce only to avoid some mess with the messages.

Facebook has recently acknowledged that with such integration it could lead to a new privacy challenge. And these difficulties will show despite Facebook’s covering their online privacy policy. For instance, in the new merged messaging ecosystem, a consumer who previously was blocked on Messenger will not automatically be blocked on Instagram. Therefore, the blocked individual can once more contact you. This may open doorways to various unexpected online misuse, I believe.

The New Instagram Messenger Be Good For Social Media Marketing Platforms

Are the new changes will lead to new opportunities for Social Media Marketing Platforms?

We all are already aware that Facebook is trying to be a monopoly company among social media community. Is it good or bad for people? I would say—it depends on different factors and the only judge is in this case—it’s time. We’ll see.

But for now, this is a win-win situation. If you a regular user, it would be much simpler to use an all-in-one tool to communicate with other people. For advertisers—it’s a great opportunity to reach more of target users through the new messenger. Potentially this way could reduce the advertisement cost and increase the ROI of the product.

On the other hand, it could be much more profitable using the commercial video while advertising. In case people are using video more and more in the daily social media life, using the commercial video ads will increase your CTR and, certainly, the product or service sale into the certain  social media marketing platforms.

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