Planning for the wedding of your dreams is step one. But having a luxury wedding film to help remember the wedding day memories and share them with friends and family is key. So once your wedding has been preserved on video. There are a couple of options on how to get and store your video. Here are several examples that can aid you in making the best choice.

Watching over the Internet: 

This is a popular form of video delivery and is widely used every day. Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook are just a few of the popular sites that allow video streaming. Certainly, the advantages are that the video is delivered in its best quality and can be watched online. And even downloaded and stored on your computer. This form of delivery is great for those clients with broadband internet access. And who want to share their video online via Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.

Blu-Ray Disk:

 Blu-ray is considered the highest form of watching HD video from a disc. Indeed, such slayers are relatively cheap and offer the advantage of being able to watch your wedding video on your 55-inch plasma or LCD TV. We recommend this type of discovery the traditional DVD, which is only for standard definition video. 

USB or Hard Drive:

You can watch your wedding video right on your television from a USB or hard drive. How? Many of the newer television models have USB ports built directly into the front or side of the TV. So, all you need to do is plug in your USB storage device or hard drive and BAM! But, what if you have an older television without one of these ports? There are numerous devices available at your local Best Buy or Radio Shack that allows you to do the same. Ask your wedding videographer about some of these options that include Apple TV, Sony media player, or Western Digital media player.

Wedding Video Snapshot

Now that you have your wedding video, what are the best means of storing it? 

Hard Drive:

 If you have a digital copy of your wedding video as well as a Blu-ray or DVD, you’ll need a way to store it. Keeping your wedding video on the hard drive of your computer also has a few advantages. It means you can access and readily stream your video to others over the internet and even post it on YouTube or other video servers. The problem is what do you do if the hard drive crashes? Even the best, most reliable computers can crash and take your wedding video down with it. So, it is best to keep your wedding film stored on the main drive of your computer, and an external hard drive for backup purposes. 

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