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Photography Services

At ArtClip Media Studio, we’re offering a full range of professional photography services from commercials to wedding photography. 

Every day, businesses require headshots of executives or employees for their meetings, reports, websites, etc. Among the best methods to add personality and brand recognition to a company, photography services play a major role in this field. Corporate photography adds a face to the brand therefore the company’s clients can relate.

Corporate photography

Corporate photography is any kind of photography or videography used for promoting a company's brand, services, and products. Businesses also use corporate photography and videography to document their social events. In this way, they will able to create visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing materials. The primary goal of corporate photography is certainly to market and brand.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is certainly practically any type of photography. Photography services involve creating images that can sell something. It could be exactly like an advert, commercial, or on TV. Which means that commercial photography involves B2B communications. Commercial Photography could be divided into various categories, which of them is normally headshot photography and product photography.

Headshot Photography

This kind of photography is among the main area of business and refers to almost any image which includes people within it. Which means this could refer to a variety of types of photos. It could be a candid photo of an employee member or a posed headshot in front of some solid background. Headshot or portrait photography will get rather complex when you begin getting involved with it. It could be some design settings, unusual lighting setups, or multiple subjects to film. 

Something which is now more frequent is that of candid portrait photography. Photos showing workers on their workplace or photos of individuals doing things are used much successfully. It is because of a picture of someone who is performing something, show more context. Usually, it is more interesting to check out than a standard headshot photo only.

Product photography

The potential customer is usually about to receive the best purchase experience and the biggest incentive. That is also essential because no one can hold a product within their hands in web stores. It’s far from ideal, but the sensation of touch is usually to be replaced by an ideal look. Overall, sales achievement also depends on the grade of the recordings.

Product photography for many years has been probably the most important advertising tool. Nowadays, most photographers depend on digital cameras. Indeed, it has created quite fresh possibilities. Because of the many online shops and e-commerce and social media platforms, contemporary product photography cause a significant impact on online business. When possible, today’s products should be displayed very naturally and near to the touch.

Professional Photography Services
Professional Photography Services

Wedding Photography

Along with commercial photography, we’re offering event photography such as weddings, engagement photo sessions, love stories and any creative and professional photo sessions. We will be happy to help you to capture essential and memorable moments of your special day.  

Why does photography matter?

Creativity and innovation will be the key to differentiation and potential sales. This is why it explains the company’s need for photography to increase their advertising efforts.


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