8 Mistakes To Avoid For Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is getting a massive interest from online marketers and is also becoming a rapidly growing platform for business owners.

Many business owners use Facebook marketing to promote their brand and business for greater profitability easily. But while doing so, they make several common mistakes and fail to recognize them, which can cause unproductive results for their marketing efforts.

Facebook marketing can get you many positive results if it is done in the right way, and if not performed correctly can cause much damage to your brand value.

4 Mistakes To Avoid For Facebook Marketing

That is why it is essential to understand the most common mistakes and avoid them to build and promote your brand.

The most common Facebook marketing mistakes are as follows:

Communicating One Way

Social Media, by its roots, is built upon the idea of people interacting and engaging with one another. One-way communication means that hardly any fans are staying and are disinterested.

Social media is more of a place for discussing and sharing ideas, not publishing and pushing your product with only internal updates.

Social media acts as an excellent platform for brands to be honest about who they are and make a connection with the consumers on a ground level that wasn't possible before. 

The biggest mistake most brands make is to consider social media sites as just a place to broadcast messages regarding their brand and never communicate.

Mistakes To Avoid For Facebook Marketing

Irregular News and Updates About the Business

One mistake most marketers make is not putting regular updates on their Facebook pages regularly. Once you create a Facebook fan page, you must market your brand thoughtfully by keeping in touch with the fans and updating your status regularly.

Groups on Facebook are not created for marketing. That is why every group member has an equal say on what's been discussed, and a single authority controlling the topics will never find enough success on Facebook Groups.

Don't Use Shortened URLs

With social media marketing trends and their popularity, many third-party tools are designed to manage multiple platforms in one go. HootSuite and TweetDeck are tools that use URL shorteners to fit the URL of your website within the character constraints of sites like Twitter.

This mistake should be avoided, and a direct link to the main company or business site should be provided. Connect it with the Facebook fan page, too, if you do not yet have a website for your business.

Too Many Textual Updates

Mistakes To Avoid For Facebook Marketing

It isn't fascinating to read a blog-length update. If one has to read such a lengthy update, it is better to go on the blog rather than waste time on your Facebook page. 

People come to your page to seek minor information that is of high value and provide information regarding important stuff only.

This is why you must keep your updates as short as possible. It has been researched that Facebook posts with 100-250 characters are more likely to get more likes, comments, and shares. Buddy Media's research too found a similar trend working on Facebook.

Irrelevant Posts

One of the main factors for not having fan attraction and the non-popularity of a brand's Facebook page is too many posts with irrelevant information. Ensure that you always have good relevant information to post that generates connections between your fans and the brand you are trying to market.

The key to keeping people engaged and becoming your fan is providing interactive content like asking them questions, polls, videos and photos. So understand that every time you post something, check its relevance to the products you want to sell and the fans you have for gaining maximum results.

Breaking Rules and Guidelines

Facebook has specific stipulations regarding contests and promotion rules, including running a legal contest, acknowledging that Facebook does not sponsor such content, and only administering the giveaway through the Apps on the network.

Facebook has specific codes and rules regarding what the photos cannot contain, such as contact information, purchase details, and call to action. Instead, update the photos regularly, highlighting the business's different elements or promoting new exciting happenings.

False Promises to Fans

Mistakes To Avoid For Facebook Marketing

Many marketers or business owners tend to make false or fake promises on their Facebook pages so that people get attracted to their page and like it to direct traffic to their website. This strategy is a widespread Facebook marketing mistake and doesn't boost sales and promote the brand.

The implications of such false promises can ruin the business and even be disown by loyal customers in the long run. Suppose you think false promises can boost market sales and are an effective strategy to use during Facebook marketing.

In that case, you should think once again as it will bring nothing but losses and hamper the growth of your business in the long run.

Lack of Creative Content

There is fierce competition for every brand on every marketing front. That is why there must be good creative posts that will keep you ahead of the norm. Unless you innovate something with creativity, there is always a risk of getting obsolete.

Grab the attention of your fans by using humor, shock, motivation, and even offers that will tempt them. Allow them to ask your questions, shock and awe them and spring up surprises that are unique and will always remind them of your brand.


Facebook is a robust platform that provides unique marketing opportunities to businesses, a tiny business that is limited due to their resources.

It allows the brand to get unlimited traffic to their websites and a place to promote their brands and products to a much wider audience. Most small businesses keep a Facebook page as their only marketing tool, so if the above mistakes are avoided, your business can have positive results.