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We’re Toronto-based corporate video and photo production dedicated to the craft of web marketing.

We here to help businesses by creating stunning media assets. Whether it’s social media, your branded website, or an e-commerce store, we here to improve your awareness on the internet. If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality Video Production Services, you’re in the right place

The arrival of professional video production companies. 

With the most effective tools, we can guarantee you more sales for your business promoting whatever products and services you may want to endorse.
Video marketing is rife these days. For any work, a video has been the must-watch media on the web. Especially on social networking sites, people make use of the video to a great extent. The intensity with which video is used on the web these days certainly gives command calls for video production. The videos which make difference are the real professional videos.

These videos are pretty much instrumental in making the products or the services reach a different corner of society. Most veterans of web marketing forecast that video production plays a major role in taking the business to a great level. This is how ArtClip Media Production is gaining its speed to make effective business online. This is considered the best way to implement business strategies.

Obviously, things that are required for professional much of toil are needed to impress people around the globe to promote the products through professional video making. The elements which are required for making videos are to be perfect along with the actors. Influential or professional actors are needed for this job because people only listen to the actors not every other people in the world. Giving professional look is the most important thing otherwise the video is not appreciated.

The influx of video making companies has helped the brands to reach the mob. These companies work in the perfect which is required to give the perfect professional touch while doing video making. It is always suggested to take the help of the professionals as it is essential to make a mark in this competitive world.
Only trust is a must for you to have on media production company so you may enjoy good sales on your business by bringing its vision to life. Video is a way of communication to consumers, thus effective video production counts. With ArtClip, real video equipment and techniques efficiently develop your business to a higher level.

Our Services


 Video Production —an effective way to raise your customers’ attention.

Commercial video - is one of the first steps you should start from towards the long journey to your business’ brand building. The key to succeed and stand out in front of your competitors is to bring awareness. Use the power of visual perception to tell the best sto about your services.


 Photography —is an essential part of your successful marketing strategy

If you want to showcase your brand in the right way, you need to have a variety of professional, high-quality pictures. Whether it's product pictures, employee photos or commercial photography, we are ready to give you a hand and help to reveal to the world the best captures of your brand assets.

How important is communication with your business?  Where would you be if you couldn’t express your plans and ideas intelligently and in a way that would move people to listen and act?

We offer a whole workink process of pre-production, production and post-production video and photo services to businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. We are devoted to providing successful productions that enable companies to inform, motivate, influence and entertain a wide variety of audiences.

ArtClip Media Production believes in the consultative selling approach - we listen to your needs and then devise a strategy to meet them. It is via a free and comprehensive consultation that we can determine your exact needs and develop a plan to make your creative project become a reality. Whether you are producing a training tape for employees, a demo video for marketing purposes or an infomercial for television broadcast - you can trust ArtClip Video Productions to deliver a quality project at a competitive price.

Video is a dynamic communications tool that can capture the processes and results of your research, demonstrate changes over time, and enhance your teaching and presentations by enabling your viewers to see the actions, events, and ideas you are presenting.

Find Out How Video Can Help Explode Your Business!

Our Resent Work

Our Working Process

In selecting a communications company to produce a significant part of your corporate identity, your selection criteria should include:

Setting and clarifying Objectives & Strategy upfront:

Assuring the company has an overall understanding of your business objectives and applications for the program. Writing a script to deliver the desired audience response is critical to the overall success of the project. The script serves as a roadmap to the entire production and its costs. Hence you should meet our scriptwriters and producers to screen credentials. At ArtClip, we tailor the research and writing of your script to assure the objectives are met. 

Planning and Online Communications: 

Delivering a finished product can be tricky if a company can’t effectively plan and manage all production logistics, schedules, changes and budgets. Time delays cost money and will impact budgets and implementation dates. At ArtClip planning and organized communication prevents any of these occurrences from happening. We document thoroughly all action items to be performed as well as forecast any potential landmines which may arise. This proactive process facilitates all project planning. Steps are carefully analyzed and signed off by our clients which guarantees no surprises on production days or at the end of the project.


At ArtClip we take complete responsibility for all phases of the program from the creative process and scripting through final production, duplication and packaging. The agreed budget which you sign off on, will not change unless you change the scope or assumptions of the program. Please note that the final script will determine the final production values and costs of the program. We also take responsibility to meet deadlines and set schedules.


All of these elements add up to winning results for our clients. Please do careful due diligence to check our track record. 

On-time, on target, and a budget!

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