Video Editor Vs Videographer - What's The Difference?

Videographer and video editor are both equally great choices for those who are looking for an exciting and profitable occupation. If you have a desire to have a technical-skilled job, then this field is definitely for you. Video editors and videographers can be self-employed freelancers or production companies.

Moreover, both these professions could be acquired in one person, potentially leading to almost double salary or at least more opportunity to work and get paid. Let'sLet's say, In the same way, freelancers can publish their final videos on video-sharing websites like YouTube or personal portfolio websites in order to get more clients. 

The job of videographers can involve editing. However, it goes beyond that to recording video footage and maintaining the equipment. Video editors are, however, focused on making the video and audio footage in an organized order.

 What is the job outlook for video production and video editors?


Videographers document private moments, like weddings, sport events, and footage for advertising and news. 

When they meet with their client and discuss the specifics of the task, which include budgets, timelines and the video topic, videographers decide on the equipment they'll require. 

Professionals use different cameras, lenses, lighting, and equipment. Before they begin filming, they should consider the camera angles, filters, and filming techniques that most effectively suit the subject. 

They might also have to perform some pre-production work, like reading scripts and preparing required lists of shots.

The job responsibilities of a videographer include the following:

Video Editor Vs Videographer - What's The Difference?
  • Installing tripods, sliders, dollies and other equipment and altering lighting and cameras if required while filming

  • While the footage is recorded to make sure the camera is focused and is capturing the focal point of the project

  • Collecting B-roll footage for larger productions that fill in any gaps or missing details in the story

  • Storage and maintenance equipment in between shoots

What makes someone a skilled videographer?

A professional videographer should make the right decision of picture framing while shooting in such an artistic style. This makes the video footage look more attractive to viewers. 

Along with choosing the suitable composition, a professional videographer can quickly adjust proper exposure and white balance and take into consideration the lighting conditions on a site. As a result, the final video will look more professional.

Video Editors

Video editors are accountable for post-production tasks. This involves using databases to keep track of each film's footage, particularly those that were shot on multiple cameras. 

If they are employed by video production or a creative agency, they could be expected to instruct junior editors and novice editors. 

Furthermore, the majority of their work is performed in the workplace. However, some companies and projects permit remote work to be done from the privacy of a home office. 

When filming is finished, it is possible to cut the segments to accommodate the production or combine the footage into some kind of story.

The job responsibilities of a video editor are:

  • Editing software used to edit images, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop

  • Making corrections to the assembled film, such as adjustments to contrast and color to improve the quality of the film

  • Add the required music and audio files to the film

  • In contact with cinematographers and other members of the team of production to make sure that any issues are resolved

Video Editor Vs Videographer - What's The Difference?

What makes someone a skilled video editor?

A skilled video editor has a trained eye to quickly recognize overexposed footage before putting it on the reel and can make appropriate adjustments immediately.  

The same rule applies to color correction of the scene on a timeline. A well-trained video editor capable of working quickly and efficiently with video material to make an appropriate white balance correction and eventually make a special color mood to the final video clip. 

This implies using different colors, lighting techniques and applying special effects. This is crucial when you have a task to make animation, such as titles, animated logos, etc.

Is Video Editing and Videography a Reliable Job And an Excellent Field?

A successful editor or a good videographer can earn a big chunk of money. But before this, you should prove your skills and stand out before the crowd. 

The reality is that nowadays, there are lots of video editors around, and this occupation is overcrowded. To win a bid, you should create a good-looking portfolio, aka demo reel. 

Don'tDon't forget that to make your demo portfolio look even more professional. You should take into consideration the music tracks you should use in your videos. 

Therefore, collaborating with sound engineers who will help you with the audio would be an excellent move. With this demo video, you could showcase your creative and technical skills.

How to Get a Job: Videographer VS Video Editor?

These days, the most beautiful and valuable job is working online. And hence, the clear winner here is a video editor. I am not saying that being a video editor is better than being a videographer. 

I would say that sometimes you can earn even more in a short time while filming a movie or event, primarily if you use your video camera, sound and lighting equipment. Indeed, more often, video editing is time-consuming work and needs to be well organized to have a job done well.