Make Slideshow With Music And Pictures

Whether it be a personal event or a professional one, a slideshow is a great tool to make any speech or presentation interesting. A slideshow with photos and music can bring tears to the audience's eyes at a birthday, wedding, or funeral and can leave viewers intrigued and amazed at a great sales pitch or social media campaign. However, a poorly made slideshow will downright bore your audience. Thus, it's important to know how you can employ music and pictures in your slideshow most effectively to make a great presentation.

How To Make a Slideshow

Before proceeding to the tips and tricks you can use for elevating your slideshow, you must choose the right slideshow maker tool that you're comfortable with, and one that has a variety of features to offer. Video editing tools provide a great degree of customisation to make photo slideshows with music. It allows you to use transitions, animations, and effects that'll make your slideshow unique and interesting.

8 Great Tips to Make an Interesting Slideshow with Music and Pictures

Here are some tips and tricks to help you in your journey to making a fantastic photo slideshow with music.

1. Plan it Out

Before you start making the slideshow, you have to know exactly what you want to convey through the slideshow, the audience you will be conveying it to, and the manner in which you wish to convey it.

Figure out which tool you want to use, and ensure that it has all the necessary features and allows you to export videos in HD. Once you've sorted out the content and editing of the slideshow, you can think about its presentation. Ensure that your slideshow is downloaded on your system so that you don't have to depend on WiFi to stream it.

2. Keep it Short

Avoid making an excessively long slideshow video—that's a mistake you don't want to repent for. Ensure that the length of the video is adequate after taking into consideration the general tone of the event and the attention span of your audience. Regardless of your slideshow containing photos and music, it'll become boring if it's too long.

Try to keep it 3-4 minutes long, with around 3-5 seconds allocated to each picture. This means that you can only use around 50-60 photos, and while it may be a tough choice to pick the right ones, it's vital to only put the best ones up and leave unnecessary images out of it.

3. Maintain the Quality of the Pictures

Before importing your pictures, ensure that they're in HD quality. You can even use photo editing applications to enhance the quality of images. Use a video editing tool that allows you to import pictures and export the final video in HD as well. In a slideshow, it's also best to use images that are of the same dimensions and orientation to make it look uniform and pleasing.

The quality of photos doesn't just refer to their resolution. Only use those photos that are meaningful to the subject of your slideshow and that'll make a meaningful contribution to it.

4. Organize the Pictures in a Specific Order

A slideshow is also a form of storytelling in progress and therefore, the chronology of the pictures is crucial. When all the pictures in the slideshow come together in the right order, the continuity and harmony will make the slideshow seem perfect.

Take time out to sort the order of the pictures rather than using them in the random order in which they were imported.

5. Choose the Right Music

The right music for your slideshow may not always be the music that you like best. You have to choose the background theme keeping in mind the event for your slideshow and the likes of your audience. You want to set the right mood for your slideshow and use music that'll tell the story that your pictures are trying to convey. All these aspects need to complement one another. 

If you're going to upload your slideshow on a social media platform, ensure that the music you've used is royalty-free. You'll find a vast library of such unlicensed music on video editing applications. If you're using licensed music without purchasing it, you'll be in breach of copyright terms and conditions and your content will be removed from the platform.

6. Add Title and Text

To make the storytelling aspect more effective, you can use captions alongside the pictures or insert titles. However, it's important not to use excessive text, as it'll make your slideshow cluttered and messy. Use short and concise quotes or lines that compliment the images.

For an informal setting, the use of text should be relevant and minimal and you should let the pictures speak for themselves. You should also ensure that the font and theme of the text complement the music and images.

7. Use Animations and Transitions

Video editing tool allows you to make fun and unique transition effects, add animations for the images, and make the video clip more dazzling. Customizing slideshows is a time-consuming task but the results will certainly be worth the time and effort!

8. Create a Memorable Ending

Your slideshow should take your audience on a journey and must have an epic ending. Ensure that the music you've selected ends at a satisfying point. You can end on an emotional or funny note but let the ending be memorable for your audience.

Wrapping Up

Making slideshows using video editing tools is an easy task and these great tactics will certainly help you make eye-catching and interesting slideshows.

You can use a video editing tool online platform that allows you to use a wide array of preconfigured, blank and premium templates, add photos, videos, music, stickers, text and animation videos, make multilingual videos, and experience a seamless video-making experience.

This user-friendly platform can fulfill all of your slideshow-making needs and can be used on any web browser.