The past few decades have witnessed the transition from traditional marketing strategies to advanced B2B online lead generation. With the rapidly evolving internet, being user-friendly and customer-centric is the top-notch priority to increase visibility and conversion. 

With changing algorithms in providing an enhanced user, experience websites started to compete with high-end precision. 2021 is going to be much challenging compared to earlier days. Still, the most promising part of the marketing industry is anticipating changes and experimenting with new sales tactics.

This article will discuss essential B2B online lead generation techniques that could revolutionize and drive a chunk of relevant traffic to your website.

1. Switch From Outbound to Inbound Traffic

The lustre of push marketing (outbound) started to fade when people realized the importance of B2B online lead generation content. Creating relevant content for the right audience will increase inbound traffic to your business.

Investing in content is similar to investing in the stock. You will get a better ROI in the long run. As
Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler) pointed, the content will be a business asset if you manage it properly.

With Panda and Penguin's changes, It is important to create high-quality, unique content that focuses on engaging the audience and driving good behaviour. Look for opportunities that can add unique value to your target audience.

2. Find The Right Target Customers

To find the target customers for B2B online lead generation, create a detailed buyer's persona. Create self-engaging/ interactive content with quirky titles, and blend images that stimulate the thought process or curiosity among users.

Create customized article for users who are in the different stages of a funnel. Plot a buyer's journey and educate them in each phase. Implement an effective lead nurturing strategy and push them down the funnel.

Stats published on Curata (Content Marketing Forum) clearly says that in 2020 54% of companies will have an executive dedicated to managing content marketing strategies. Another stats published by Content Marketing Institute says that 82% of B2B firms have a content strategy in place.

B2B Online Lead Generation

3. Marketing Automation to Increase B2B Online Lead Generation

With time being one of the most scarce resources available, marketing automation has gained its importance. Every entity across the globe started using marketing automation tools to augment conversion. The main advantage of automation is that it optimally uses the resource and continuously monitors the leads.

Companies like Marketo, Salesforce, Drip and Lucep are famous in these fields.
Stats published on
Nucleus Research says that companies with implemented marketing automation tools have experienced a 14.5% increase in sales and a 12.2% drop in overheads.

4. Mobile Experience

Research conducted by Morgan Stanley clearly showed the importance of mobile marketing. According to stats, mobile users' number had steeply increased from 400 million in 2007 to 2900 million in 2020. At the same time, only a gradual increase was able to plot in the case of a desktop, 1000 million in 2007 to 2100 million in 2020.

This clearly shows that mobile engagement has increased several times compared to desktop, which is vital for B2B online lead generation. Other stats published by KPCB mobile technology trends show that mobile user time spent on mobile is 9% higher than the time spent on a desktop.

There are many mobile marketing strategies like, App-based, In the game, QR codes, Location-based, SMS, mobile image, etc. Through Google Enhanced Campaigns, you can set one bid for mobile as well as desktop.

Mobile has become the single most media for micro-moments. For example, if you need an immediate solution to a problem. Where will you start? Definitely, you will search on your mobile?

B2B Online Lead Generation

These are called micro-moments, where the urgency compelled to get an immediate and accurate answer. SMS marketing is also crucial for your business. According to SlickTest, the average CTR for test marketing message is 36%.

5. Influencer Marketing And B2B Online Lead Generation

In simple terms, Influence marketing is a tactical approach to branding yourself through a renowned influence. Based on statistics published by, 92% of people value any form of content endorsed by an influencer.

Influencers play an important role in purchase decisions and can cause a significant impact B2B online lead generation. Positioning your product/ service through an influencer who have vast loyal followers will likely increase the conversion rate.

For effectively implementing an influencer marketing strategy, It is important to identify an influencer who has a good no: of followers who falls among your target audience. Understand the influencer's community and decide what approach will give you a better result.

Establish a relationship with the community and gradually increase the B2B online lead generation rate. Instead of directly pitching your product, provide solutions to overcome the audience pain points. Use an effective lead nurturing strategy to channelize and monitor leads.

6. Video Marketing as a Part of B2B Online Lead Generation Strategy

Social Media are becoming a repository of engaging visual content. Social Media has revolutionized the way users communicate with each other. Video production of short videos that clearly state a purpose. And portrays humour are likely shared across all social platforms.

Facebook and
TikTok could act as a great platform for promoting your brand since they autoplay a video when scrolled across.

According to Invodo, 92% of people who view
video advertisements on mobile shares it with others. Another stats published by Unbounce says that including video on website landing pages increases the conversion rate by 80%.

B2B Online Lead Generation


Creating B2B online lead generation and deciding which online channel will give you a better ROI is crucial for your digital realm's success. Plan-act-convert, meticulously design metrics, along with the strategy, help evaluate your digital campaign's progress.

Always evaluate and reiterate your strategies; don't hesitate to tweak your actions if necessary. Optimally utilize all the platforms with a single view to attaining the final objective to generate B2B online leads effectively.