Enamoured with the benefits of online marketing, many brands ignore direct mail marketing as a thing of the past. They fail to see a place for it in their marketing mix because it comes with a cost. Direct mail has proven benefits, offers growth opportunities, and is easily combined with other marketing strategies.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail uses a variety of materials like postcards, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and other print. Most significant corporations know direct mail is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. Direct mail marketing outperforms and gives higher returns on investment than other forms of marketing, including online advertising.

  • It makes up 43% of local retail advertising.
  • Allows you to connect personally with the recipient.
  • You control when it gets delivered.
  • You own how many people you reach.
  • You control what goes in the mailing.
  • 1 in 10 pieces of direct mail get responses.
  • 73% of consumers prefer direct mail.
  • 85% of consumers read their postal mail daily.
  • 40% try new businesses after receiving direct mail.

Growth Opportunities

Online competition makes it harder to differentiate yourself. Many companies are returning to direct mail marketing because there is less competition. They are giving their messages more opportunities to connect.

The financial service industry’s direct mail marketing campaigns, to millennials, grew faster than other groups. What makes this targeting unique is the use of direct mail, and it shows signs of growth.

Banks, credit cards, investment firms, and insurers have increased direct mailings to consumers, ranging from ages 20-39. Millennials represent 40% of all offers in 2021, up 10% from 2018. Some notable credit card issuers promote options for phones and tablets with their direct mail marketing efforts.

Businesses need to find ways this generation is comfortable doing business with. Direct mail marketing will continue to build trust and combine offers in the mailings to take millennials online to complete an action.

Direct Mail Marketing

Easily Combined With Digital

Combined with online marketing strategies improves direct mail marketing engagement and encourages customers to take action. Receiving direct mail makes people feel valued, and most went from the mailings to online activity. 76% of small businesses use both print and digital messaging.

Technology makes it easier to create custom mailings and even use a commercial video for your marketing campaign. Allowing small businesses to personalize messages with different images and offers using special codes. This allows for tracking which mailings are most successful.

Effective mailings will include keywords. You can involve readers by allowing customers to pick their prize once you send your direct mailing, wait several days, and follow-up. You want to ask if your mailing was received, and if not, you want to send them another one.

Learning what works from others in your industry is quickly done by getting on their mailing lists. This free information speeds up the learning process allowing you to see what messages you like. You then can take the lead for use in your campaign. Read as much as you can from experts in the industry.

How to Lead Direct Mail Marketing in a Right Way

Today, everyone has an email id, and direct mail marketing is an excellent opportunity for scaling your business. Emails by far are the most convenient way to keep in touch or deliver a message. Instant, linked to our smartphones and across all other devices we use, such as tablets, laptops, and PCs, is a medium of all kinds of communication professional and personal.

From love letters to memory lists to birthday messages, to casual exchanges, official letters, leave requests, and more, email is our go-to today. Costing only generic internet charges, Emails are literally free!

At a way lower cost than traditional tile-calling led lead generation and conversation, packing in more information, tracked through Information direct mail marketing is the way to go for all businesses!

Direct Mail Marketing

How do Emails Help Your Company Grow?

Well, put-together emails always make sure that there is a huge boost for companies. This is by introducing your company to increase more customers, keep in touch with existing customers, and let the world know of your company and its services.

More importantly, direct mail marketing is a one-stop solution to content marketing requirements ranging from eliciting mail subscriptions, communication with readers, and sharing an update on current. And upcoming promotional deals as well as sales, content promotion, and direct engagement through a range of surveys and other methods such as newsletter sign-ups and more.

The Generic Approach to Direct Mail Marketing

To make the best out of direct mail marketing which is indeed a great tool, you would have to build and maintain it in a planned, organized manner.
It is so essential an activity that you often spend several hours trying to
frame each sentence correctly, edit out words, phrases, and sentences to reach the right messaging, work on subject lines and figure out the best time of the day to send the same.

Email Marketing Efforts Gone to Waste

Yet, despite sending the email only after going over it many times, you may still be unable to achieve the targeted results. You know for sure that the readers received it as per the statistics generated but are yet to open it. At times your email would have taken them to the point of opening it but not clicking on any of the links and content, rendering your work behind it rather useless.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign is Strong

Direct Mail Marketing

Personalize Your Subscriber

Make it a personal experience for the reader rather than a run-of-the-mill list and bulk email. Know their interests.

Once you have an excellent subscriber list, you would automatically understand that the subscribers you have been attracted to you due to what they perceive as your niche appeal to them.

And the knowledge and information they seek. Keeping this in mind: write to the person and not to the list.

Create a Personal Experience

Your email must be crisp and relevant. Emails that spam are sure to have many of your subscribers unsubscribe and leave you with a dwindling client base.
Here are a few quick tips in this regard:

Add Value

A list of tips and tricks is related to their niche interest area - a summary of content and updates since you last emailed.

Be Regular But Not Annoying

Email marketing must have a good level of giving and take. Give value and retain or increase subscriptions. To do this, you must work out a good calendar and ensure that the content falls in place. This means that you must never blitz your subscribers with emails.

Give Your Subscribers a Particular Place

Email marketing is hinged on being subscribed to through clicks on your website. Another way could be filling forms where your subscribers have filled in their email id and agreed to be sent your emails.

Sometimes you may also be emailing people based on leads generated by your servers. Whichever be the case, the current subscribers are pretty literally your immediate circle. Make sure to serve their interest in your direct mail marketing.

Prioritizing Them for Sales And Promos

You are inviting them first for all previews. Please make sure they are your first recipients of e-material and goodies. Ensuring giveaways reach them.

Build Relationships With Your Customers

Email marketing is ultimately for sales purposes but remembers that no one would appreciate a complex sale, especially when it comes to an email based transaction.

So, while maintaining consistency in emailing from your end, make sure that your readers feel inclined towards reading your emails by not only providing tailored, great content and extending generosity and respect.

Direct Mail Marketing

Here are some ways to do it:

Be Honest

In email marketing, at the time of subscription, provide a snapshot of what is to come. Under no circumstances promise your subscribers free content in their niche area and then send promos or vice versa.

Be Generous

Provide 90% free content and mention your sale/pricing only for the last 10%. Maintain this cycle.

Be Sharing.

Update your readers on the steps your company takes like you would a stakeholder- but of course, in a less technical manner.

Be Fun

Use infographics that are humorous and informative at the same time. Chances of your email being shared and gaining newer followers increase when your content is independently fun to read, share and laugh over. Be the wingman for your reader. Give him/her content that will make him/her socially even more popular.

Be Known

People are more likely to buy from someone they know. So get known. Email marketing is like letters into peoples inboxes. Word it well. Adopt a tone of respect and overall company health and deliver to their interests. And very soon, you will see these numbers convert to sales.

Word it right: This is The Most Important Aspect of a Direct Mail Marketing

For you to write emails that people will surely open, make sure that you word the subject line and the entire body of the email right. The first step for your reader to click on the email. The second step is to read it, find the interest, and continue reading it, thus opening and reading your following email.

To catch and retain their attention at so many levels, make sure your email:

-subject lines are a string of
-Sensory and emotional words
-Strong action verbs
-Offers value to readers
-Gives clarity
-Is uncomplicated

Direct Mail Marketing

Even if you are humorous, avoid being complicated. Use language that is simple and direct so that your email does not take up too much time for the subscriber and can be read on the go.


Even though direct mail marketing has proven benefits provide growth opportunities. And its easily combined with other marketing strategies. Also, it is not a guarantee of success. To achieve the best results, you need to use the technology and tools available. In this way, you can make your mailing marketing campaign unique.