When making video, we are, sooner or later, facing the question: how to make video go viral? If something has gone viral on the internet, we most likely know about it and want to be a part of it. This action is the exact step that goes on in the minds of people like us, internet freaks.

Being the internet generation that we are, almost all of us at some point in time have enjoyed and shared popular videos that broke the internet in a single day. But have you ever wondered how to make video go viral? Or have you been thinking that creating them is as easy as pie?

How To Make Video Go Viral

Here's the answer. Engaging and shareable content is an excellent way to make some noise and help you reach out to the masses. But, creating something so exquisite is not as easy as it may seem. And although there are no set ground rules to making a viral video, we can definitely follow some standard rules to achieve even more tremendous success.

Hang in there to read few tactics that you can easily employ while on your way of how to make video go viral:

Keep It Short And Simple

When there is so much activity happening on the internet almost simultaneously, it is evident that internet people have a short attention span. Ideally, the video to go viral is somewhere between 30 to 90 seconds long.

Anything longer or shorter than that is bound to be ignored. A study on viewer abandonment published in The New York Times states that more than 19% of people had left a video after only 10 seconds. Therefore, it is mighty important that your video makes the most of this limited opportunity.

How To Make Video Go Viral

Inspire Your Audiences

An inspirational story has the ability to light the fire within. When you want to know how to make video go viral, you should try to inspire your viewers to engage and watch the results.  You should think carefully about the video production process for your business in order to get viral. Audiences love stories that inspire them, whether it involves women empowerment or abandoning child labour, or a great success story. The more it inspires them, the more inclined they are to share it with others.

Make a Connection

Another and the most critical tactic to make video go viral is the ability to tug at the viewers' heart-strings. Human beings tend to feel overwhelmed. Defeated by anything that resonates with their emotional well-being, we are attracted to a happy video or a sad one. When people can relate to what you have put up there, they are more than likely to share it with the probabilities high for approving content.

Information is The Key for Viral Video

People today look up to the internet to learn and share new things. Everyone wants to pick some new ideas and tips to perform everyday chores better. So how to make video go viral? If your video contains interesting instructions like how to hide dark circles giving out information that people did not already know, it is definitely going to be sharable.

How To Make Video Go Viral

Promotion of Your Video Content

Effective promotion of your video is the key to attract customers. Your online content, too, can gain immensely by the right kind of advertising of your brand.

To make your video go viral, you should think about promoting your video, especially if we're speaking about a commercial video for your business. Upgrading it with the help of a celebrity or a famous personality can make your video content rock its limit.

Choose What Topic Is Trending

Your internet audience will quickly cling on to whatever is the trending topic for the day. Whether it is related to the latest development in politics or their favourite game, or a famous television series, if you offer your target audience something that they are interested in, your video content has all the possibilities of going viral.

Keep it Professional

What to know the main secret about how to make video go viral? It is advisable that a viral video is of high quality and professionally produced to make the right effect.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 9 out of the top 10 most viral videos on YouTube, back in 2012, were created by professional producers. The most popular video, "Gangnam Style," topped the list.

How To Make Video Go Viral


The is no exact answer to a question about how to make video go viral. All the techniques depend on the audience's behaviour and specific trends taking place at the moment of creating your video content. Although there is a certain amount of uncertainty about what might click with the internet audiences, using the above tactics can bring you closer to making your own viral video.