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Creating Successful Branded Video Content

Branded Video Content is a relatively new term that you hear tossed around a lot. It refers to internet content that is a combination of both entertainment and advertising. Basically, it’s an ad that people want to watch. Understanding the Internet in Case of the Branded Video A lot of companies get excited over the idea of the branded video…

A Video Business Can Have Making Money That You Enjoy!

Making video, be it a hobby or video business, can be truly satisfying. You have the ability with your video productions to make an audience laugh or cry, be amazed or simply be educated on a specific topic.You’ve probably invested a substantial amount of time and earnings from your day job to purchase all the resources that make-up your video…

Intended Purposes in Commercial Video for Your Business

At ArtClip, we love to craft, create, produce and release high-quality commercial video that promote business’ brand: their products, their services, and who they are as an organization. We love to tell stories and encourage viewers to take action. However, before we can do the work to produce a video for a business or organization, we must work together as…

The Best Cinema Camera for Corporate Video Production

  I am so excited to share great news from Canon! They just recently announced a new 4K pocket-sized cinema camera with 16 stops dynamic range and a 9.6MP Super 35mm sensor, which was inherited from their older sister EOS C300 Mark III.    The newly announced camera boasts the Canon’s new DIG!C DV7 image processor, which capable film 4K…

How Testimonial Video Production Works for your Business

Any business may film a video and put it up on their web site, but just how many potential clients will be attracted to buy due to it? Advertisement telling people what things to buy, and why. For that reason, customers have become less trusting.

Top 5 Ways to Watch Your Wedding Video in High Definition

Planning for the wedding of your dreams is step one. But having a luxury wedding film to help remember the wedding day memories and share them with friends and family is key. So once your wedding has been preserved on video. There are a couple of options on how to get and store your video. Here are several examples that…

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