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Drones For Filmmaking: Where Should you Focus?

Table of Contents What are The Drones For Filmmaking?Recreational UseCommercial Use8 Tips for The Beginner Drone Pilot1. Follow the RulesSome special rules include:2. Fly First in an Open Area3. Begin With Most Basic Movements4. Buy Spare Parts5. Insure Your Gear6. Don’t Start With an Expensive Drone7. Follow a Pre-Launch Checklist8. Learn to Fly Without GPSDrones for Filmmaking: 2 Things You…

#1 Local Car Dealership Commercials – Should You Rely on it? (The Best and Simple Explanation)

Ever see that Audi car dealership commercials where people are driving on the highway jump out of their cars and onto a truck carrying brand new Audis because they want one that bad? That video commercial is full of stunts, beautiful cars, and tons of special effects. Looks extraordinary!!! The budget on it must have been huge, far massive than…


Videography is a combining word, formed from ancient languages. It was originally developed and published in 1972 by combining “video” and “graphy”. At that point in time “video” was widely used to describe only the picture portion of a TV signal.  Table of Contents What is the Definition of VideographyWhen VIDEO Became a Part of Our Lives?The Usage of the…

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