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We are Making Creative Clips to Stand Out From The Crowd

Corporate video production Toronto is boosting an internet presence and social media awareness. Having videos in their internet properties, helps many considerable companies in Toronto to showcase their businesses to the public in many different and creative ways.

Indeed, there are numerous alternative ways to become more recognizable online and therefore the easiest one to try to do so successfully is to form a top-quality video content.

Whether you would like to create a story about your company or educate your customers to be clued about your new product or services, video production is one of the simplest ways to try to do it efficiently.

At ArtClip we will assist you to focus on the proper audience associated with your specific niche, and increase online visibility by creating a professionally-looking corporate video clips in a creative way.


6 Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire Videographer at Artclip - Corporate Video Production Toronto for Making a Commercial Video.

  • spending tons of time on marketing and finding no room in your daily routine for making a commercial video for your Facebook or Instagram ads
  • aspiring to create a Youtube channel to help your business rise an internet awareness, but you don't know how to make a video content
  • trying hard to make a video advertisement by yourself to convert your web page visitors to potential customers without any success
  • hoping to increase your website visibility by creating a high-quality photo-video content
  • wishing for your client to be educated by seeing a competitive promotional movie about your company or product
  • you cannot afford a big advertisement agency for making an attractive video to promote your brand

Why Should You Choose Our Corporate Video Production Toronto Services?

The answer is just simple and here are some reasons:

  1. 1
    We know what we are doing by having decades of experience in video, photo, and marketing industry
  2. 2
    We are an affordable company because we are small, and you don't need to spend tons of money on hiring a big crew
  3. 3
    We are local, based in Toronto
  4. 4
    We are offering a reliable service because we care about each of our customers with wishing prosperity to all. Your success is our success and vice-versa.

We Can Help to Produce a Professional  Videos and Photos for You!


At our corporate video production Toronto, we are offering a variety of video services that cover almost all niches for the low and middle budget projects. Along with the commercial videos , we are doing corporate photography, headshot photography, and product photography, which could be effectively used on your website or social media ads to boost additional traffic to your channels.

Our Goal and Methodology are in Video and Photo Production: 


At ArtClip, we prefer to discuss the video or photo production process at the very beginning. It makes us confident you get the ideal final product to meet your criteria. We can help to understand how your video should look like. It has to cover the needs of your marketing to drive positive results and sales.

Whatever project you would like to start with, we are here to support. Whether it's a promo video, or short social media video, or event photography, our Toronto-based videographers and photographers will handle your project from concept to fulfillment.

What is a Commercial Video?

At corporate video production Toronto we can described a commercial video as a variety of types of videos and represents the brand, company itself, or its products. The most common type of video for local businesses is a commercial or broadcast video that could be used for TV screening or on your branded website. It is an interesting fact, that as part of a commercial video you can use an interview video (which mostly implemented in documentaries or news on TV).

The main idea of creating a commercial video that works well for your business lies in targeting the brand. Nowadays, it makes sense to use a promotional video on social media platforms. This is a must-have place to promote your products or services. It works extremely well and you can get excellent results from it. In this case, that type of video could be described as a social media video.

 As an alternative, you can implement a testimonial video on your Facebook page or your website.  This is an effective strategy to turn more heads towards your brand. But the eventual idea of the corporates is mainly to interact with your clients, employees, or potential business partners.

In this case, a great job does an explainer video that has lots of specific niches to use for. Buy the way, a good example of the explainer video could be a real estate video.  This type of video has a specific market as well as a specific audience, who, for example, required selling or buying a house or office (but of course not only that).

Target Audience

Before considering which kind of corporate videos you'll need, you have to figure out:

1. what is your target audience;

2. would this army of potential customers be watching your corporate video.

There are some significant reasons why folks are interested in watching the video today. The first one is to resolve some problem. As a good example, in this case, it could be a Youtube video. Another point of interest is in some ways to be entertained. And a music video can play this part as an example.

Not only some video performances but fashion videos could also be the key to entertainment. Some sort of event videos could be very interesting to watch as well.

Bring Some Value


The main idea of making videos is to bring some value to your viewers. And this is almost the only way to make a video effective. Because, if you have put much effort, invested enough money and time on it, it is important to make sure that you're giving some advantage to your audience.

To consider this concept, you should find a way to know who is your target viewers. Moreover, it's crucial to bring them useful information interactively and attractively. By solving this task, you could understand their final aim. This simple idea lies well on a wedding video, where it's becoming a part of such a candid memory for the unforgotten moment in the life of the bride and groom. 


If you are acting in that way and determine what is vital or valuable to the viewers, you can effectively earn credibility from them. Ultimately, they will become interested in what you are offering, which is clearly what you are looking for.

Clearly, corporate video production Toronto must have a purpose. But don't forget about those in need, who depend on others. Voluntary giving is an act of humanitarianism and a charity video is a confirmation of reasoning to act in one of the most effective ways to benefit needy.

Detecting the perfect conversion rate and using a video in your marketing strategy is very important. Whether it's a social media advertised video or YouTube vlog about your product or services, it is key to be aware that your video content is related to your audiences needs. End at the end of the day, it will for sure attract viewers and particularly turn them to your loyal customers.

5 Important Rules of Video Production

When thinking about corporate video production Toronto, make sure that you follow a set of important rules. They are designed to ensure the best quality and results. Besides, you should hire the most credible professionals to get the most out of their services.

Determine your main audience.

Marketing corporate videos is all about positioning and communicating with your targeted audience effectively. That's because your business products or services can't attract everyone's attention. Make sure that you craft a message tailored to the basic concerns of your potential clients. This goal should be achieved with the help of high-quality corporate video production services.

Tell an interesting story with a certain emotional connection.

All people want to make rational decisions, but shopping and making purchases is all about their emotions. Your products can be better than the ones offered by competitors, but they must be remarkable and attractive. Use corporate videos to focus on their great features and benefits. Make potential viewers watch and remember your important business message and connect with them emotionally.

Showing, but not telling consumers.

Commercial videos at corporate video production Toronto are considered as the most effective marketing tactic because it informs about specific products and persuades consumers better than any other available media tool.

They are all about providing a great experience and engaging your targeted audience both orally and visually. Avoid explaining only how your products and services work, as it is always best to show how to use them to get numerous benefits. 

Corporate videos are in high demand because they include a lot of important information and help businessmen attract the attention of new clients. They will be more efficient if you succeed to showcase the advantages of your products.

Focus on your customers.

They all want to know how to solve their issues, and it is the only thing that bothers them. Consumers won't pay attention to your brand history and progress, and this means that your commercial videos should be created only from their perspective.

Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and consider their problems and personal wishes. At corporate video production Toronto, we would suggest to try to position your product as the only existing solution to them.

Share your beliefs and be creative.

Your business should show a high level of transparency. Explain to consumers more about your beliefs, core values and other aspects. Do not forget about the benefits offered by the Internet because it changes the way you market your business products. Make customers care about you.

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