Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Almost 80 percent of viewers watch the video instead of reading the text.  And are more likely to purchase because of this marketing strategy.

As someone who organizes sales and marketing materials to support your business, you will already be aware of the major brands within the internet industry, such as Google, YouTube, Vimeo and Cisco.

You will most likely be aware that Google owns YouTube – which is why YouTube-based videos are becoming the first results at the top of search results pages. That means video Search Engine Optimisation is becoming more important than page SEO. What that means is Google is looking for the video above any other material and will place video results in front of text page search results.

You are probably also aware that Cisco is one of the world's largest developers/suppliers of internet technology (routers etc.). In a recent news release by Vimeo, they highlighted a few statements that are of interest to you.

It does not matter what your business is, what it does, makes or distributes – you can use video to great benefit.

If you feel video is a crucial part of your video marketing strategy that you want to expand upon, contact us. We’ve produced all kinds of videos for all sizes of business, and we’d be delighted for you to become our next client.

Please, take a look at our portfolio of client projects to get a feel for what we can help you achieve. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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