Real Estate Video

Real Estate Video and Photography Services

At ArtClip media production, we provide private and commercial clients with a professional promotional video for property developers, architects, real estate agents, hotels, resorts and private homeowners. We specialize in the production of well-styled real estate video tours. All the peripheral details will accompany this niche, from lighting, music to specialist camera equipment and video post-production techniques. 

Also, we are experienced photographers, taking high-quality digital real estate photography with attention to detail. We produce photographs with distinction. Clear, crisp, high value images to make your property stand out for all the right reasons.

What Real Estate Video Can Bring to The Sale of Your Property.

Searching for property online means first impressions are invaluable. The professional real estate video provides the discerning buyer with a quick, one-click way to experience the quality and character of your property. It is an efficient way to portray the feel of the house or appertments at different times of day. Showing off the surrounding area, introduce the local lifestyle and deliver the property's unique ambience to potential buyers.

Only a small handful of exclusive estate agents and luxury premises developers within this premium market are currently offering this service to their clients. It's making their marketing stand out powerfully and memorably from the crowd.

Video tours provide a full flavour of the experience of living in the property. Capturing the grandeur of the approach via the gravel drive, how you might entertain friends on the balcony, or light a fire on a winter's evening. Within a split-second, you can show the best the area has to offer. Whether it's a exclusive wine-bars, dining in a romantically lit restaurant at sun-set, enjoying the countryside, and more.

The changing point of view of the real estate photography and videography gives the viewer a clear impression of the space in the room. Quality of the building and the experience of being present in the building without leaving their desk.

Professional camera movement creates perspective and depth that is impossible with flat images. Enhancing the video with a carefully chosen or commissioned piece of music can also reinforce the presentation. This is elicit a strong emotional response, giving people the desire to follow their video viewing with a visit to the property.

The Benefits of Property Video

Professional property videos signify quality. They are the most effective way to market luxury and premium estates.

The video will give you exposure to your global market.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week for international buyers' viewing pleasure, regardless of time-zone.

The time spent viewing your video means your buyer is not looking at anything else. The average advertisement on television is 30 seconds. Just think how much information you receive and how many opinions are formed within this time.

A powerful 2-minute property video tour is an effective marketing tool. It's providing engaging visual and audio elements with a clear call to action at the close. 

Providing your potential buyers with as much information as possible, capturing the ambience of living in the property.

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