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Wedding Video Services for Your Special Day

ArtClip is specialized as a wedding video services, having helped to lead the movement to change the consumer outlook on traditional wedding videography. Evemt video is just as the photojournalistic style was responsible for revolutionizing upscale wedding photography. The cinema-like movie style that is employed by us is changing the landscape of wedding videography. Making use of a modern, avant-garde approach, and utilizing techniques found in major motion pictures, the studio has become the first choice for discriminating brides and grooms. That aspire for a luxury wedding film. We capture and create wedding films that are representative of each client’s personality and style.

If you are on our website then chances are you are considering commissioning your wedding film. However, we do also offer many other services that might be of interest to you.

Some right now, and others maybe a little further down the line.

  • Engagement Shoots
  • Create a film about your relationship and engagement as both a keepsake and to show at your wedding reception.
  • Save the Date Films
  • Create a film - fun and funky, cool and quirky, classically romantic - that reflects your personality, and tell people to 'Save the Date'. Post it on YouTube, Facebook or we'll create your own webpage, and send the link to all your friends and family.
  • Your First Wedding Video

    The wedding has been and gone, and the wrinkles are starting to show. But it's all worth it as you watch your family grow. Create a film of their first year, first bike ride, first day at school. And then keep it in a beautiful box together with their first pair of shoes, first painting, first Mother's Day Card, swimming certificates and all the other memorabilia that tells their story.

    All these films can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. And the price will vary accordingly. We promise though that they will always be worth it, so call us to discuss your ideas. 

    Your wedding day is one of the most wonderful days of your life. And for couples who decide to get engaged, they should take the necessary preparations for it as soon as possible! Let’s face it, all of us want our wedding day to be amazing in every detail. We hope it goes smoothly from start to finish.

    How to Choose the Wedding Video Services Company

    Although there are numerous aspects you need to consider in your wedding, you should be aware of what aspects deserve our extra attention! And one of these is getting the best videographer! Fortunately, residents in the Greater Toronto Area no longer have to worry about finding the best and most skilled wedding videographer. There is a Wedding Video Services from ArtClip Media Production that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Preserving your wedding memories on film is the best memento you, your spouse and your entire family can have! Compared to photography, which is only still images, a video can capture every emotion, expression, voice, laughter, and much more!

    However, not anyone has the skills and artistic ability, it takes a professional with the right training, dedication and commitment to their field, to capture those perfect moments for you! And this is where our Wedding Videographer, is the best choice to take on that responsibility!

    Thus, don’t take the risk of trusting just anyone to
    film your wedding day! Your wedding day is your special day, and you should not worry about anything, especially your videographer! With our professional team, you can rest assure that your video will be every bit as amazing and wonderful as you'd expect it to be. For more information about wedding video services, contact us today for a free consultation!

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