There is a lot of competition to deal with if you are in the business photography. It’s a dynamic field to be in and a whole lot of other people are as excited as you are to be involved in the digital world of images.

Essential Equipment for Your Business 


So you’ve got a new digital camera for your business. Now what? If you want to level-up your photography skills right away, you can start with headshot photography. It's easy to understand the techniques and has a decent demand to start your freelance business immediately. Next, you will need to understand what necessary equipment you should have to start. And even if your camera came with a good package of extras like batteries and a memory card, there are some essential pieces of photo gear that you should have for you freelance photography

Here is a List of Essential Saff:

  • Batteries – If your camera uses a non-proprietary battery type, like AAs, you will want to always keep at least one extra set on hand. If you want to save money (in the long run) and be environment-friendly, I suggest you buy Eneloop batteries. They come charged, hold a charge while stored and work great. (See link below.)
  • Memory cards – You always want to have at least one extra card with your camera in case you fill one up or it malfunctions.
  • UV filter – If you have a larger camera with a non-retracting lens, buy a good quality UV filter to protect the front of the lens. If you are using interchangeable lenses, put a filter on each lens. This is cheap insurance for the front of your lens.
  • Case – You need some kind of case to protect your camera and carry your extra items. There are many different types available. You can click on the logo on the right of this page or the Adorama logo at the upper right to look at options.
  • Diverse Personal Equipment For Business Photography

    Some Not Essential Items:

    There are other items that, while not essential to using and protecting your camera, are still basic tools you will probably want. 

    These include:

  • Camera support – This can be a tripod or some other product designed to hold your camera steady. I like the Joby Gorillapod for an easy-to-carry tool. It comes in different sizes for small or large cameras. (See link at the bottom.)
  • Grey/white card – A card that is grey on one side and white on the other can help you set a custom white balance, meter for proper exposure, and let you check the colour in your image. 
  • Lens brush and cleaning tissue, and fluid – All that money you spent on a camera won’t make up for a dirty lens!

  • How to Succeed in Business Photography Services?

    So how can you stand out in the digital photography business? Well, for one thing, you need to have an online portfolio that stands out from the crowd. When you’re drumming up business, that is your video resume. Nothing says who you are and what you can accomplish more than your photographic portfolio.

    Your Photographic Portfolio

    The ingredients in your portfolio should blend to ensure that your business sense, your approach to working and your style stand out. To do that, you shouldn’t just focus on centring your portfolio around a wide sample of your favourite photos. Show a prospective client what he or she wants to see for their individual needs.

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    Business Model for Wedding Photography

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    If you are trying to get a job as someone’s wedding photographer, get your video resume chock full of wedding images you have taken. If you know where the couple interviewing you is getting married or having their reception party, take some photos of their unique spots beforehand. They will feel you are the one for them because you are familiar with the location and your pictures are great.

    If you have a series of shots , say, the bride getting ready for her big day, include that series. It shows you are consistent, you take a lot of photos, even if the scene is the same throughout, and you’re not afraid of a long day of shooting. You want to be viewed as a professional digital photography business person.

    Web Site for Your Business Photography

    Your digital photography business should have an interesting web site that not only contains your fantastic shots but tells a story about a series of shots you did. The story can be about the photos you took on a particular day. Tell your readers something about the client’s day when you photographed them.

    You also should include something about yourself on the site. A photograph of you isn’t a bad thing, either, to include. Get personal. Give clients a little bit of yourself. 

    • Where did you go to school? 
    • What are your personal interests? 
    • How long have you been in the digital photography business?

    Explain why you liked working with people, rather than just testify why people liked working with you.

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    In order to sell yourself, you need to have a working website that is up-to-date and is prepared to be shown anywhere at any time. Don’t forget that anyone in the world will be capable of pulling your website and viewing your work. Make sure what you have on there is current and is what you want people to be able to see.